Build a Boat: 4 Essentials to learn Boatbuilding

Carpentry will, and can, become one of the biggest beneficial school subjects you may have. This is especially true if you find you have a natural knack for building things that work and things that give you a big boost in your life.

However, what if you want to build a boat?

  • Make sure you’re up to the task. Taking a wood-working course that serves as foundation for creating wooden boats is a good task. It should teach you the basics of working wood and fashioning it to your liking, which is essential for building a boat.
  • Choose—beginner or intermediate? Once you know how to work wood, you should line up a beginner’s or master’s course in making a boat. You should know which to take by an examination of where your skills lie—are you already established in boat-making theories or do you still need thorough explanation?
  • Choose your construction type. Another way of making yourself a master is to choose which construction type you’re going to use. Are you going to go work plank-on-frame or stitch-and-glue? There are many techniques aside from these, and you need to know them all before you choose.
  • Different boat/kayak types. You need to be introduced to the boat type as well. There are different types of these like the Amesbury Dory or a normal Dory. You’re going to get acquainted with these when you start with the lessons from Sea Kayak Explorer.

That’s not all there is to it, of course, but these beginner’s lessons should do you a ton of good on your journey to building a boat. The true test of your skills and all you’ve learned should be on the water itself—will your creation sink or will it float?

Creating the boat of your dreams lies in following these lessons and you better have your A-game ready if you plan to take on the water itself.

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