The campus of the University of Tarbes has the Lycee Saint Pierre right in the middle of it. The vocational high school offers more than just technological education, but it specializes in computer science, electronics, and electrical appliances, often creating the necessary education for these things.

Girls and boys, even those who have an inquisitive nature as the reason for their entering, are welcome. From the 3rd to the 2nd Professional Discovery class, people are welcome—with choices open to choose from. They can choose from technological education to general education.

The two branches are instrumental in forming the programs STI Baccalaureate that houses the Industrial Sciences and Techniques branches as well as the SEN Baccalaureate that houses the Electronic and Numerical Systems. The three year courses are paths that guide to Post-Baccalaureate training courses.

BTS IRIS (Computer Science and Networks for Industry and Services) has prided itself as the center of excellence for training in Lycee Saint Pierre. The education that students receive from this college is second to none, a big benefit in those seeking to take advantage of the growth of employment opportunities being seen in the Mid-Pyrenees Region.

The areas of expertise also prided on by the center—areas found in computer science, electronics and telecommunications, as well as in diverse sectors in transport, health, industrial production, and air navigation, serve as the foundation to open up students to a wider range of work options.

-From the desk of Mr. Jean-Marc Coutrade,